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For football professionals in all fields and at all levels of the game, we offer a comprehensive recruitment service to guide you from the application process, to the interview, to the signing of a contract. We’ll help you put your best foot forward with a sleek graphically designed CV, then we’ll match you with roles that suit your experience, your goals, and your values. You’ll also have access to our global job board, where we publish all of our current opportunities.  

We offer interview coaching so you can conduct your interviews with confidence and PowerPoint presentation creation to help you impress recruiters at later stages of the process. Even after you begin a role, we’ll continue to support you with CV updates when you need them, additional marketing documents, and client news highlights on our website and social media channels. Register as a Football Careers candidate today and begin your recruitment journey with us.


Player transition services

If you’re a retiring footballer, you may be wondering where your career will take you after you hang up your boots. Whether you aim to enter the world of coaching or you’re thinking about getting involved in the business side of the industry, we believe you have as much to offer — if not more — as you did during your playing days. Planning your next move after your playing career can be stressful.

That’s why Football Careers offers a dedicated support service to help footballers transition seamlessly from playing into coaching, management, or a career in the business world. Using our expertise, experience, and a wealth of recruitment and marketing tools, we can help you move to the next stage of your career: be it on the field or off it.

For us, it’s not just about finding the right person for the job, but finding the right job for the person. Football Careers offers a full consultative service with CV support, interview coaching, access to our global job board, process management, and in-depth career support. Part-time players eager to further their careers can also benefit massively from our specialised player transition service. 

Raise your career game: register with Football Careers today.

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Since utilising my CV I have had interviews at a number of English Premier League and SPFL clubs before accepting a role in the USA. It is definitely a service which I will continue to use.

Graeme Henderson

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