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Andy Thompson is the founder and director of Carolina Velocity FC, a youth soccer club based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Andy started the club in 2018, driven by the goal of delivering an outstanding coaching product to young footballers in the local community. 

As the head of staff recruitment at Carolina Velocity FC, this vision underpins every hiring decision Andy makes. Having previously worked with us to have his graphically designed CV produced, Andy reached out to Piero (Managing Director) when the time came to begin expanding his team. 

Since 2017, we have worked closely with Andy to help him find exceptional candidates for his quickly growing club. Our partnership has resulted in 11 highly successful placements with an excellent retention rate, with every coach recruited through Football Careers staying at Carolina Velocity for more than one year.

A football coach talks to his team of young players at the side of the pitch

A streamlined recruitment process

Describing the challenges he was facing in recruitment prior to working with Football Careers, Andy said:

“One of the major challenges was that our job adverts would always receive applications from a broad range of candidates, many of whom were not suited to the role. This meant having to go through an extensive review of applications, which often ended in us not finding the right candidate.” 

Carolina Velocity FC is able to assist non-US residents with visa applications for roles, so the club often recruits internationally. Andy made it clear to our team that he was open to pursuing any recruitment avenues that would allow him to connect with the right people for his vacant positions: 

“I wanted to take advantage of the incredible connections Football Careers has within the sport to recruit reliable, suitably qualified staff members. Football Careers helped me to network with coaches across all stages of the game, from Level 2 to UEFA Pro Licence.”

We worked with Andy to refine the content of his job adverts to create listings that would attract appropriately qualified candidates. When applications began coming in, our team performed CV filtering to provide Andy with a curated list of applicants who were best suited to the roles’ requirements. Andy commented:

“I’m in constant contact with Football Careers throughout the recruitment process when we advertise a role with them. They’re able to put our job adverts in front of a huge network of football professionals through their job board, email alerts, and social media. We work closely with the recruitment team to ensure all the requirements for what we are looking for in a candidate are met. The calibre of applicants I have received through this streamlined process with Football Careers is second to none.”

Connect with a diverse network of candidates

Andy’s drive to deliver a stellar coaching programme through Carolina Velocity FC has been influential in the shaping of his team — he is willing to go the extra mile for the right candidate, which sometimes means recruiting internationally and providing successful applicants with visa assistance. Through Football Careers, he has been able to expand his network and connect with candidates across the world:

“Football Careers has been massively helpful in enabling me to tap into and explore the international market of coaches and staff. They always go above and beyond to make sure the job advert reaches the right people and have consistently exceeded my expectations. I always receive an impressive amount of applications from a diverse range of candidates suited to the job I’m advertising. The job is never done until I, as a customer, am satisfied. This is something I find admirable about Football Careers.”

Over the years, we have developed a network of football professionals across all sectors and levels of football. Andy feels having access to Football Careers’ expansive community has been beneficial to Carolina Velocity FC:

“Football Careers has matched me with strong candidates to fit my roles. In running a youth soccer club, coaches with varying qualifications and experience are needed for the overall success of the club. Whether it be an FA level 2 or UEFA Pro Licence coach, Football Careers has always managed to find the correct candidates for our positions  through their incredible network of clients and candidates. They follow the framework I have laid out, which matches with my vision and philosophy for the club.”

Two football officials speak with a group of young footballers on a grass pitch
A football coach talks to a team of young players on a football pitch

Bespoke recruitment solutions

Discussing how partnering with Football Careers has helped improve his recruitment process, Andy said: 

“I would recommend Football Careers to all professionals in the football industry. They are educated football people with a great network and fantastic resources. Most importantly, they are good people who really value the relationships they have with their recruitment partners, their clients, and their candidates.”

Andy believes football clubs have a lot to gain from working with recruitment experts to find the right candidates for their roles:

“My advice based on my personal experience with Football Careers would be to connect with Piero and the team as soon as possible if you’re hiring. I believe they are the best company in the industry for football recruitment. They will always find the best candidate for the role.”

Taking The Next Steps

If you would like to discuss our bespoke recruitment solutions, or if you have any questions about our services, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to arrange a free consultation.

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